Hey you,

hung out until 12:22 but didn’t hear your greeting. Guessing you’re asleep. Hope you’re okay. I’ll be up for a little while so if you wake up and want to chat, shoot me a message.

I like like you.

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  1. Sory…sent you a message on the off chance you are up. It rained all day. iphone is sitting in a bag of rice so and I did soething wrong when i tried o set the alarm on the old samsung

        1. Hope you’re having fun getting ready for tomorrow. The abrupt end of our convo made me wonder…

        2. Maybe it’s time to end this blog and start a new one.maybe you already have one. Makes me wonder about all the other times you pretty much mid sentence said “well i’m gonna call it a night”

  2. So it is now 7:20am. I had been waiting since you hung up on me thinking I would catch you at the four hour mark. But of course i accidentally hit the button while making coffee thinking we would talk. And that must have been when you got back on. I’m floored

  3. Maybe whoever you are talking to wants some france oils…because as far a I’m concerned you can take the coupon coder and shove it up your ass

  4. not that it matters anymore, but if it hadnt turned out this way this morning, tonight is where i would get a message saying your shoulder/asthma/migraine was bothering you and you were going to go to bed early. You certainly didn’t get much sleep this morning

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