hey there— headed fo bed early tonight. I’ll definitely be around Tuesday though. Hope you had an awesome day.

I like like you. Remind me to tell you about Stream.

Well I wanted to hear you growl into your new iPhone but I guess you’re asleep. I hung around until 12:28 but didn’t hear you.

I miss you and like like you. I’ll be up for just a little bit longer so if you see this shortly, definitely send up smoke signals to get my attention.

Call Logs

I’m not even going to address your allegations directly because they are inaccurate. Nonetheless, here are call logs from my LG phone. When the iPhone logs are available online, I will send them along too.

Amy Cooper, much?

Hey you,

hung out until 12:22 but didn’t hear your greeting. Guessing you’re asleep. Hope you’re okay. I’ll be up for a little while so if you wake up and want to chat, shoot me a message.

I like like you.