Waited until 12:23 but didn’t hear you. Missing you bigly. I got an inhaled steroid for my cough. TrleHealth guy believes I’ve got inflammation in my lungs. He also gave me a Z pack but I don’t think I need that and some of my friends said it’s not necessary since I usually have a cough, they’d be comfortable saying it isn’t a virus. I’m keeping the Z pack in my Covid Kit.

I really really like like you.


so yah I guess you were right. I’m going to bed early. I’ve been feeling congested all day and my pulsox is 88 and it should be like at 94. I don’t have a temperature though. I’m going to bed early but let’s chat tomorrow night..

The Bear fell last night. He’s okay but he says he’s in a lot of pain.

I liiiiiiiiiike you !


Dear Cuddly Wuddly,

I’m calling it a night early tonight. Let’s talk Monday night. I called my insurance agent at 7:10 this morning. He answered. I showed him the letter and he said he would look into it. He then told me If I have any questions, I should contact the 800 number which he recited. I told him until my money was at the new company, he’s still my agent and I’ll keep calling him.
I found the email address for the woman whose name was on the letter. I’m going to email her tomorrow letting her know about the process and the agent. I found it rude that he kept telling me to call the 800 number. Whatever concussions he earns on the automatic renewal, it’s been a gimme for him for the past ten years and now he doesn’t want to be helpful; ridiculous.


Dear Aimee,

hung around until 12:22 but didn’t hear your greeting. Hope you had a nice day. I’ll be up for a little so if you wake up and want to chat, you know how to get in touch.
I miss you and like like you.


it’s 12:26 and I waited and waited for you. I miss you soooo much !! If you wake up soon, FaceTime me.

So I’m living in this reality where there’s this murderous virus outside and I can’t go out but inside my home it’s unbearable. Power comes for fifteen minutes then goes and comes back three hours later. No internet either.

The bear has jumped ship and gone back to his sister’s place. Tomorrow I’ll go to the car and charge up my stuff and we can chat if everything isn’t restored. I miss you.

No WiFi

I have no electricity or internet. Data speeds are ridiculously low on the hotspot too. Guess there’s some kind of major power outage going on. Let’s chat tomorrow night. I like like you.