Colton’s Journey Continues

And we’re back in Thailand!

First Date Card: Heather “Let’s experience something new”

Neither of them have ever been to Thailand and Colton proposes that they explore in an authentic Thai fishing boat. As they explore the coast, the stop at a place called The Floating City where they walk through local markets and shacks. They then sample some of the food. Colton chews like a cow. After their meal, they head to the beach and admire the scenery. It almost seems like conversation is labored since all they seem to speak about is the scenery. A lot of knock off mini-mooing from Heather. However, at dinner, Colton tells her that she has blown all expectations for the date out of the water and then he asks her about her dating experience.

Heather tells her that she did not date much in high school or college but after graduation, she met this guy who she deemed to be perfect. It was super casual and her friends kept tried to goad her towards the guy, but it never progressed past eight months. Colton tells her that he is concerned that she would not know what, “their moment” would be like. Heather reassures him that she wants to move forward with him and thanks him for his time. Is this a job interview?
Colton tells her that he respects her and sharing Thailand with her was special. He then gives her a rose. They hug and then head out on a walk on the beach. There are fireworks on the beach and then they kiss. Heather’s reaction: “I have kissed a boy!” 

Back at the house, Elyse tells the other girls that she has this really horrible feeling in the pit of her stomach. She feels horrible whenever she sees other people going on dates with Colton. She believes she should be able to spend more time with him. She is incredibly insecure and does not feel validated that Colton is on the same page as her. 
The next group date card arrives:

Hannah B
Hannah G

“Will our love survive?”

When Heather returns from her date and tells everyone about it, Elyse storms out and heads over to Colton’s hut. She asks him if they can chat and he invites her in. She tells him that she wants a real relationship and she deserves the time and attention of a real relationship; not just a random one on one date. Colton tells her that he feels so amazing when he is with her and he senses such a great connection. She tells Colton that she is not jealous or insecure in their relationship but she believes Colton may have better relationships with others and she wants to give up. Colton tells her he isn’t a quitter and the entire thing is so difficult. She tells him she cannot share his time and attention with other people. Colton asks her not to leave but Colton tells him that he cannot share him or deal with him having feelings for the other women and this situation is not working for her. 

(Has she never watched the show? Did she not understand what she signed up for? This wasn’t the Colton & Elyse Show!) She then walks away from Colton and the show.  She tells the camera that she is leaving disgusted with herself and truly heartbroken.  Colton tells the camera that it is confusing that she gave up on him. It raises fears of rejection. 

Group Date:
They head to the jungle and meet a jungle native, Joe. Joe shows them around the jungle and teaches them how to survive in the jungle. He shows them what Is food, how to tap the trees for water, and how to use elephant dung to start a fire. Some of the women eat bugs, Nicole pet and eel, and Taysha let a scorpion crawl on her hand. Joe then gives them a challenge; spend an hour and go on a survival hunt to find water and food. The ladies are broken up into three teams of three and sent off! Demi and her team ditch the jungle and take a bus into the city to purchase burgers and booze. 

Later that night, he and Taysha hang out on the beach. He tells her that she made him feel so special when she kissed him during the jungle adventure. He then sits down with Hannah B who tells him that she is falling in love with him.  Onieka then pulls Colton aside and tells him that Elyse told her that Nicole’s reason for being here is that she wants to use the show as an opportunity to leave Miami. Before her departure, Elyse told Onieka about a conversation with Nicole regarding her intentions. This has rattled Colton so he pulls Nicole aside and confronts her about the conversation he had with Onieka. Colton tells her that he is disappointed and devastated to even think that it is a possibility. Taysha confronts Onieka about going to Colton and tells he that the conversation was taken out of context and Onieka stirred up fake news. Nicole then comes back and starts going off on Onieka with Taysha’s support. Colton gives the group date rose to Hannah B. 

One on one date card:
Cassie “I am looking for love deeper than the sea”

Their date begins with taking a small boat ride out to a private island in the middle of the ocean. They spend the entire date just hanging out on the island. At dinner, Colton tells her that she is so special to him. Cassie tells Colton that she needs to tell him that him being a virgin couldn’t be easy for him to put out in public. She let him know that she is not a virgin but most of her family and community still believe that she is a virgin and now that she has declared this to the world, she will have to have awkward conversations and deal with judgement when she goes home but she is doing it because she wants to be as brave as him. After dinner, theuy go back to Colton’s room and snuggle together. He tells her that he is crazy about her. 

At the cocktail party, Taysha and Colton send up a lantern into the sky and make a wish. Demi gives him a trust ring and promises to protect him. When he sits down with Nicole, she tells him that the rumor that Colton heard was the furthest thing from the truth. Nicole then tell shim that Onieka has been treating her badly and she just wants Colton to know about it. Kirpa examines Colton’s teach and finds a piece of bread stuck in it. Colton confronts Onieka about Nicole’s accusations and tells her that he is so confused and has so many questions about his instincts. Onieka then goes off to confront Nicole about what she told Colton. They get into a shouting match and everyone around them can hear the quarrel. While it all continues, Colton overhears the argument and heads over to listen to their conversation. He tells them he is there to listen; not to intervene. They continue to bicker and in front of him and he just walks off. Onieka rushes after him and apologizes for the situation. He brushed her off and continues to walk. Nicole tried to grab him but he continues walking. 
The show ends without a rose ceremony…

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