Hey there,

I fell asleep last night and when I woke up, I posted on the blog. I fell back asleep by the time you texted. I started working on that project today and just got in at 950. I’m tired from the long day. Going to bed early. Let’s chat for sure Tuesday night. I’ve got a vlog we can watch ! I like like you.

I’m coming home tomorrow

We ended up with the flu. My dad got it worse than anyone and was being stubborn about medicine. Finally today is he up and about.
So me being me, not only did I get the flu but I got a migraine and I needed up bursting a blood vessel In my eye. Everything was closely and hazy for a day or two but it’s cleared up for the most part.

so let’s definitely chat Sunday. I like like you.

I’m staying tonight at my parents because we are all sick. No idea what this is but everything hurts. If it continues tomorrow, we will all go to urgent care. I don’t want to keep you around waiting so let’s just chat on Saturday. I should either be good or you’ll get your diamond.