No WiFi

I have no electricity or internet. Data speeds are ridiculously low on the hotspot too. Guess there’s some kind of major power outage going on. Let’s chat tomorrow night. I like like you.


Hey there,

I’m going to sleep early tonight. Just got done doing work stuff about an hour ago and I’m tired. I’ll definitely be around tomorrow for labor of love.

hope you had an awesome day. I like like you

Sunday and Monday

Hey there SnugglePod,

sorry I wasn’t there last night. I’ve had a migraine for most of yesterday and today. I’m going to bed early tonight but will absolutely be there tomorrow. In the interim, do not forget to cancel Philo tonight because your trial will end and sign up for Sling as tonight is the last night to get in on the free trial.
Hope you had a great day. I miss you and like like you.

hey there— headed fo bed early tonight. I’ll definitely be around Tuesday though. Hope you had an awesome day.

I like like you. Remind me to tell you about Stream.