Come rap with me.

Gotta use them leads
to cop those anal beads

Keep bringing in that paper
so your checks don’t start to taper.
Work it so the boss won’t send you to Draper.

Takkin’ ‘bout the boss,
make sure he washes that paw every time he comes out of the bathroom daw.

Just another day; Ainee’s playing with her slinky.
Sleeping Beauty Just took home her Binky.
Hey, look there— it’s Tim’s winky.

Hung around until 12:25 but no Aimee. I miss you. Message me if you wake up. I’ll be up for a little while.

Hey there,

I fell asleep last night and when I woke up, I posted on the blog. I fell back asleep by the time you texted. I started working on that project today and just got in at 950. I’m tired from the long day. Going to bed early. Let’s chat for sure Tuesday night. I’ve got a vlog we can watch ! I like like you.

Hey there,

It’s been a long day so I think I’m going to go to bed early. Hope you had a great day. Let’s definitely chat Thursday night. I like like you.