hey, it’s been a long day. I didn’t go to sleep when we hung up and have been occupied all day. Super tired. We only got around 9 or 10 inches of snow. My shoveling guy bailed on me so I went onto that app and had someone out to shovel both driveways by 1 PM. The guys did am amazing job so I kept their number so I can call them directly next time. Pricing was amazing. $70 for my parents and $60 for me. If I hadn’t scheduled it the same day, it would be $5 less per home. I gave them $20 extra and had them take care is the cars too. Tipped them $10 and my dad gave them $10 too. Didn’t see what they did for my parents but they did a really good job for me. I have the widest and cleanest sidewalk path on the street.

will be there Friday !